Ways to level up fast in Walking Dead Our World

In today’s world, everyone wants to add some entertainment to their busy life. Gaming is a best option to reduce the stress, and you can use it anywhere by using your mobile. Everybody has their own choices in games, but for those people who love to play the action games Walking Dead, Our World is a perfect option. In the game, you have to win the fights against regular walkers in the face of zombies. The game provides you with special weapons to kill the zombies. It’s your responsibility to choose the right weapon for the right fight.

Getting started

In the beginning, if you want to up your level quickly, then you need to focus on all those things which give you more coins to upgrade your powers. You can use the guide to learn the fast ways to earn the coins and gold. It helps you to increase your performance in playing the game.

If you want to up your level, then it is important for you to earn more XP, because it can help you in many ways. You can complete the challenges fast with it, and it also helps you to upgrade the power card fast. XP is the last option, and you need it at every moment of the game. Here I am explaining to you some more ways to improve your performance in Walking Dead Our World.

  • Always try to upgrade the best cards firstly, but it is not easy to get more XP easily. You can also use the coins to up your level, and it also gives you more coins.
  • You should spend more time playing the game because it is a good option to use infestations and raider outposts.
  • Use the real money or Walking Dead Our World Cheats to make the game easy for you. By spending a good amount of real money, you can buy the coins and gold easily.
  • If you are interested in buying these coins with real money, then you should wait for the best offer to save your money.


The games are a source of entertainment and if you want to enjoy it, then start to play it by yourself. Don’t take help from the real money, because it will make the game easy for you and you can’t enjoy the game.  You should try to play by yourself to earn more coins and gold.