Best Tips and Tricks for Megapolis

Megapolis is the top grossing game nowadays among all other games. The main task in the game is to build your city and upgrade it to its maximum capacity. It is a strategy based game, and its size is almost 58 MB. Social Quantum Ltd recently launches it. It is available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost on various types of websites. To become the best player of the game one should play it regularly on a daily basis.

Best Tips and Tricks

It is important to apply some tips and strategies to the game in order to play it properly and decently. To become the best player in it one should play it regularly on a daily basis. Following are some essential tips and tricks –

  • Concentrate on population growth – It is the main task in the game, as in its growing population is very necessary action to perform. In it, the users have to collect taxes, hire workers for construction and also have to do many other works. The more and more you grow the population in your city, the more you lead the game in order to become the best. Gamers should increase this figure by building various types of structures at different locations.
  • Participate in challenges and accept quests – It is very important in the game, as one must enter into all types of challenges and complete them in order to earn enough amount of in-game currency. The gamers should all the mini-games which are added to the game. There are various types of new challenges and objectives that are added every week in the game. The more challenges and quests you complete, the more you unlock buildings, earn currency in the form of points and coins and get some special prizes or rewards by trying Megapolis Hack.
  • Don’t forget to collect taxes – Taxes is the best method to earn a good amount of in-game currency in the game. The tax rate is increased once you built a tax office. It depends on the user to increase the tax rate or keep it the same. Users have to manage tax rate according to the people in order to make them happy.
  • Purchase some monuments and parks – It refers to make some investment in various parks and buildings in order to expand your city. It helps the users to earn coins and add them into their bank account.


Ways to level up fast in Walking Dead Our World

In today’s world, everyone wants to add some entertainment to their busy life. Gaming is a best option to reduce the stress, and you can use it anywhere by using your mobile. Everybody has their own choices in games, but for those people who love to play the action games Walking Dead, Our World is a perfect option. In the game, you have to win the fights against regular walkers in the face of zombies. The game provides you with special weapons to kill the zombies. It’s your responsibility to choose the right weapon for the right fight.

Getting started

In the beginning, if you want to up your level quickly, then you need to focus on all those things which give you more coins to upgrade your powers. You can use the guide to learn the fast ways to earn the coins and gold. It helps you to increase your performance in playing the game.

If you want to up your level, then it is important for you to earn more XP, because it can help you in many ways. You can complete the challenges fast with it, and it also helps you to upgrade the power card fast. XP is the last option, and you need it at every moment of the game. Here I am explaining to you some more ways to improve your performance in Walking Dead Our World.

  • Always try to upgrade the best cards firstly, but it is not easy to get more XP easily. You can also use the coins to up your level, and it also gives you more coins.
  • You should spend more time playing the game because it is a good option to use infestations and raider outposts.
  • Use the real money or Walking Dead Our World Cheats to make the game easy for you. By spending a good amount of real money, you can buy the coins and gold easily.
  • If you are interested in buying these coins with real money, then you should wait for the best offer to save your money.


The games are a source of entertainment and if you want to enjoy it, then start to play it by yourself. Don’t take help from the real money, because it will make the game easy for you and you can’t enjoy the game.  You should try to play by yourself to earn more coins and gold.

Episode Choose Your Story: Some tips trick which helps you

Episode Choose Your Story: Some tips trick which helps you

Basically, it is free to play the game but you can buy things with real currency. This game proves you a special right for all those people who want to interact in the virtual world. Other best thing about this game it gives you certain services in terms of extra bonus if certain people remove some parameters. Game contents with a lot of level and choices which are made to attract users. Well, this article comes with several strategic which can help you to figure how to clear the level within the limited time period.

Some important aspects

This vital features will provide a lot of help which often overlooked by certain gamers.

•    In this game, people always find a family which means people are enjoying in the virtual world. It gives sense to all those people who are alone or ignored by society.

•    It is an excellent game, hence, the person who played this game they are always satisfied and happy with their life.  They get one situation in the game and have to find a method to solve that problem.

•    A player who join this game they have a claim and chilled mind which help them to complete the stages within time.

•    It is well built and paramount game, therefore, players have to make personal relations inside the house.

Extra resources

Passes is the vital source, players always face passes regarding the problem, hence, if you want extra ones then you should open games it promotes and ask you rate. By doing Episode Hack trick you will able to get three extra passes.

Episode tips

It is a very complicated process to complete a level, hence you should download an app called episode cheats and tricks. These reveal you some instances of objects that happen in stories, getting this app will help you to complete the stage.

Complete stories

 When you reach a point where the game becomes so interesting but you don’t have passes, which becomes so frustrating. With the help of app store guide which provides you a lot of videos. By watching videos you will able to complete levels without any passes.

Bottom line

Well, Episode Choose Your Story is an excellent game and best quality with a unique ending. It is a popular game of 2018 where teens and love to play. Some people reported this game because it comes with certain adult scenes and stories.

Highly Informative Factors Related To The IMVU

Highly Informative Factors Related To The IMVU

The entertainment is the first requirement of lots of individuals. These types of people are considering the way of entertainment for reducing the stress. For it, they are finding the perfect source. There are lots of sources available on the internet. If you want to spend quality time in different ways then consider the way of IMVU. It is the type of specific platform which can help you in accessing different types of features. Try now.

The use of these features can help you in making numerous new friends. With it, you are able to play different types of games on the platforms. The users are able to access these games by putting group efforts or by individual efforts. For the group efforts, the players need to make alliances with their IMVU friends.

Control the character

Most of the individuals are completely confused related to the base of the platform. It is not only a platform which offers you different types of things related to the entertainment. It provides you a complete virtual world. In the world, all players have the proper freedom to perform any type of activity. Here they are able to do all things they can do in real world. For these activities, they need to take help from a specific character.

Controls of the character are completely in hands of the players. With it, the players are required to decide the appearance of the character. For such a task, the players need to take help from the customization feature and several other things.

Details about character customization

The platform is featured with different types of things. A feature of the customization is best one of these. With the help of this particular feature, the players are able to provide the desired look to the character. During the customization process, the players are required to make different types of changes. Mainly these changes are done with –

·         Hairstyle

·         Clothes

·         Facial features

All these things can be possible only with the help of an amount of currency by trying Imvu Cheats. With it, some changes can be done without spending currency. If we talk about the premium features and items then spending funds is the only way.

User-friendly interface

When it comes to the use of platform or availing its services at that time interface is playing an important role. It is the only source which can help you in understanding the platform and its services. The platform is designed by adding a highly user-friendly interface. Due to this particular kind of interface, the players can easily understand the way of using it and all other things.

Features of platform

IMVU is designed and developed with the addition of different types of features. All features are becoming helpful in getting proper entertainment. With it, the beginners are able to avail tutorial services. It can help them in understanding and get introduced to the features properly. The players are able to do chat with other players. By using the chat option, the players are able to build-up better relations.  

Remarkable benefits of playing Toon Blast game

Remarkable benefits of playing Toon Blast game

Are you fed up with playing typical games? Well, you can try the toon blast game and have great fun.

This is a puzzle game and offers many great challenges for the players. In your spare time, you can play them and have unlimited fun. There is no limit of entertainment with this game because everything is exceeding expectations.

The graphics and other schemes of the animations are very nice. You can also have the company of great cartoon characters in it. People of every age group can easily play and enjoy it.

Easy to start and play

Typical games are becoming out of trend at present because now easy games are becoming the first choice of everyone. Now you must be wondering behind the reasons of popularity of Toon blast game.

This is so because many great gaming features are presented that are hardly available in any other game. You can easily kill the extremely boring hours of your life by playing this mind blowing puzzle game.

Take challenges

Toon blast is a game where you will be getting many challenges for your game. The game is divided into various episodes and gradually you are expected to make progress in the game.

You are expected to cross the new episodes and achieve the height of your gaming skills. The best part is that you don’t have to have previous knowledge about the gaming world because this game is easy to start and learn.

You can also make challenges as per your taste and level of expertise in it. The interesting characters of the cartoons which are presented in it are also great and you will fall in love with it.

Switching is easy in gadgets

At present we play games on the tablets and phone simultaneously. In that situation, you can have many advantages in choosing this game. This is so because you can easily sync your gameplay in both devices without any hassle. This will be giving you a very good experience by trying Toon Blast Hack.

The next interesting thing is that you can also receive many great lives by playing this game. It is very easy and thus makes it very interesting to survive for a long period of time in this virtual world of this game.

Enjoy rewards

There are many awesome rewards given the player who is able to cross the level. This simulates everyone to cross the level and make the gaming account of toon blast full from the rewards. You can also create your own personal team to play this game with your friend and family members.