Best Tips and Tricks for Megapolis

Megapolis is the top grossing game nowadays among all other games. The main task in the game is to build your city and upgrade it to its maximum capacity. It is a strategy based game, and its size is almost 58 MB. Social Quantum Ltd recently launches it. It is available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost on various types of websites. To become the best player of the game one should play it regularly on a daily basis.

Best Tips and Tricks

It is important to apply some tips and strategies to the game in order to play it properly and decently. To become the best player in it one should play it regularly on a daily basis. Following are some essential tips and tricks –

  • Concentrate on population growth – It is the main task in the game, as in its growing population is very necessary action to perform. In it, the users have to collect taxes, hire workers for construction and also have to do many other works. The more and more you grow the population in your city, the more you lead the game in order to become the best. Gamers should increase this figure by building various types of structures at different locations.
  • Participate in challenges and accept quests – It is very important in the game, as one must enter into all types of challenges and complete them in order to earn enough amount of in-game currency. The gamers should all the mini-games which are added to the game. There are various types of new challenges and objectives that are added every week in the game. The more challenges and quests you complete, the more you unlock buildings, earn currency in the form of points and coins and get some special prizes or rewards by trying Megapolis Hack.
  • Don’t forget to collect taxes – Taxes is the best method to earn a good amount of in-game currency in the game. The tax rate is increased once you built a tax office. It depends on the user to increase the tax rate or keep it the same. Users have to manage tax rate according to the people in order to make them happy.
  • Purchase some monuments and parks – It refers to make some investment in various parks and buildings in order to expand your city. It helps the users to earn coins and add them into their bank account.