Best Tips and Tricks – Episode Choose Your Story

It is a multiplayer online game based on story reading. Episode Choose Your Story is good to play in your spare time. Episode Interactive creates it. It is the best story reading game. The game is the right way to pass your free time by reading or creating your own stories. It helps you to attain fame as you make a perfect story. They provide you with lots of different features and functions like in the shape of the currency system, types of stores, events and some other stuff also.

Best Tips and Tricks

  • The passes are the most important currency of the game. It helps in buying clothes and unlocks various episodes of the stories. You should give your best to earn the more amount passes as it helps to skip your interval time while reading the stories. The more and more you collect the passes the more you unlock many stories and modes of play.
  • Another important thing is the gems that play a significant role in both modes, i.e., reading the stories and while creating in of them. These are very difficult to earn. You should carefully or wisely use the gems only when they need so much so by using Episode Cheats. The reckless use of game will bring you lots of complications.
  • The best criteria to earn in-game resources are by reading as many stories as you can. Sometimes it also provides lots of amount of resources. You should take care of events to earn more rewards.
  • Episode Choose Your Story offers lots of daily bonus in the form of gems and passes. Passes are helpful in playing the game without so many difficulties. It can earn easily by logging in the game app on a regular basis. You should claim all your daily rewards from time to time to reach the top point of the game.

Episode Choose Your Story considers lots of stories which are very impressive. Some of the main stories are Bad Boy’s Girl, Baby Project, Demi Lovato and I married a prince, etc. The game provides you the high graphics and better sound quality.