Get Best Survival Experience With Rules Of Survival

Get Best Survival Experience With Rules Of Survival

The Rules of Survival is a battle royal game you can get in official game site. In the game, the players are the part of a battle in which 120 opponents are available. During the battle, the players need to show their survival skills. All players those available on the battleground are putting efforts to eliminate the others and be the last standing. With it, some players ask that how to eliminate the other players or survive in the game.

The character which is controlled by you needs energy and food to survive. The characters need weapons to eliminate the other players. All the necessities are provided by the game after a specific time interval. These essentials drop from the sky as the kits and all players can see it when it drops.

Land properly

Before becoming part of the battle or enter the battleground, the players need to do the safe landing. When you land on the island at that time the island is filled with some others. You are not the first who starts the battle. The players should land wisely and try to choose a place where less number of players available. You should not worry regarding the parachute.

When the character reaches enough close to land then the parachute will be activated automatically. In case anyone opens the parachute in advance then it may consume lots of time in landing. For saving the time and perfect landing, players should depend upon automatic parachute opening. After landing, you should try to get a loot first.

Check out the map

The players are able to see the complete map of the island on which battle is happening. The map is available on the screen and you need to check it properly. On the map, numerous loots are available at different places. You should put lots of efforts into getting the loot and collect the weapons, foods and other necessities from it. With it, the players should have knowledge related to the different types of areas available on the map such as – building area, open area, and all others.

For the landing purposes, building area is the best. The second which you should choose, land the place where at least one building or any type of structure available. It is helpful in different ways such as –

•         Landing is safe and building works as the cover

•         In the surroundings of buildings players can find loot easily

In these ways, players can own the weapons and some other things. For a good start and survive for a long time-period in the game, players need to think wisely and take different types of crucial decisions.

Need stable internet connectivity

The Rules of Survival is an online game and for enjoying it, players need to take help from internet connectivity. Sometimes, due to bad internet connection or connectivity, the gamers are not able to play the game properly. Low internet speed or connection leads to several mistakes like – player does not receive things those are available for the loot. With it, the decisions related to the selection of server are also playing an important role.

The players should choose the way of Wi-Fi connection in order to get better experience and play the game properly. By it, the players are able to play the game without any type of difficulty or network error. For the better experience and performance, players should check the visual settings.

Keep moving

The newly entered player is always a target of existing players. Its reason is that the new player does not have numerous things to fight properly. By which the existing players can easily eliminate them. The new players are required to pay proper attention to all factors and check the status related to players available in the surroundings. For avoiding the unfavourable conditions and become the target of numerous opponents, you should keep moving.

We know that it is too difficult to hit a perfect shot to moving element or player. In case anyone has skills by which he/she can easily hit the others while he/she is moving then it is so beneficial. These types of players should use the skills in shot range battles where they are too close to the opponents by using rules of survival hack.